Department of English

Programmes Offered

  • BA English

The Department of English sprouted its roots in the year 2013. The department offers a double main graduate programme in English Literature and Communication Studies which comprises 22 core papers, 3 complimentary papers, 2 common papers, 1 open course and 1 elective.

The central objective of this programme is to enrich our students with communication and reading skills in English. English department is a guide to those who want to explore the world of literature.

The Department plays an active role in the co-curricular activities of the college. Every year, English department plays a leading role in intercollegiate fests, department fests, tours, webinars and seminars.

The department aims to prepare every student professionally fit for placement programmes in every academic year.We provide various orientation programmes and bridge courses to familiarize our students with the course and the curriculum.

Building confidence to use English in both written and spoken forms. It seeks to introduce the students to the major signposts in the historical evolution of literary studies from its inception to the current postcolonial realm.

To make the students competent in their job-seeking, job-getting and job-holding needs. The course shall cater to equipping the students in Comprehensive Language Enhancement.To introduce the student to the various concepts relating to comparative study of literature and to promote an international approach to the study of literature.

The student will be able to establish an endearing rapport with the cultural aspects of the living environs. The students will be introduced to a selection of regional literatures translated into English.It helps the students to hear the voices from the margins in order to understand the suppressed histories and discourses.