Department of Psychology

Programmes Offered

  • BSc Psychology

The Psychology department was established in 2019 with a batch of undergraduate programme (B.Sc) in Psychology. It was upgraded into a Post – Graduate Department in 2022. The department focuses on the holistic development of students and provides facilities to them grow as empathetic and socially responsible psychologists with a strong scientific temper.

The department facilitates the students to acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also the skills for objective analysis, critical thinking, life skills and clinical observations. The Department periodically provides practical exposure to its students through internships, field visits, value-added courses, seminars and workshops. The intellectual discourses and activity-based learning system provided by the department also help the students to develop their emotional intelligence and good inter and intrapersonal qualities.
The department leads the counselling centre of the college which caters the personal and psychological counselling to the students.

Nirmala college’s Department of Psychology is committed to educating students who will work to advance theory and to construct knowledge that helps us tackle real-world problems. To promote ingenuity, challenge prejudices, and promote intellectual development, we seek to build an inclusive community that values various questions, insights, approaches, and participant specimens.

The mission of the department is to formulate students to be socially and morally responsible with a strong scientific temper. The three-year-long course prepares students to excel in personal, professional as well as social domains, where they are being equipped with promising abilities to lead a flourishing future.

The intellectual discourses accompanied by activity-based learning helps students develop higher emotional intelligence and good inter and intrapersonal qualities. Understanding mind and body functioning, social and group behaviours, psychological disturbances, psychotherapies and various assessment methods prepare students to be a good helping hand for society to beat the mental distress effectively.

Learners acquire objective analysis, critical thinking, empathy, life skills and clinical knacks. Practical skills are also developed through various strategies such as experimental exposures, field visits internship programs, workshops which ensure academic and professional attainments

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